Erica Lee Schlaikjer

Google Fiber


Project overview

Since 2012, Google Fiber has been bringing super fast Internet to neighborhoods across the country, shaking up an entire industry.

enso created a whole new approach to help Google Fiber become a community-oriented, mission-driven and social-first brand. The unifying creative platform—“Faster, Fairer, Kinder Internet”—weaved together the attributes of both brand and product.

We orchestrated city launches with a relatable approach to social content, celebrating people who make the Internet awesome everyday.

We also brought Google Fiber to community spaces through a city-wide mural project, in collaboration with local artists and businesses.


I was the lead strategist, working with Google Fiber’s marketing team to rebuild its social channels. We started with a new mission and strategy, resulting in a playbook for social tone/voice, channels, audiences, competitors and editorial calendars, as well as creative “how-to” posting and writing guidelines for daily social content.

I also led the social strategy for a social campaign that invited local Google Fiber champions and influencers to “make the internet better together,” inspiring audiences to create and share social media content that celebrates the power of the Internet in each city.

In addition, I facilitated strategic visioning sessions with the leadership team to outline marketing objectives for the year; coordinated “sprints” with creative teams to ideate social marketing activations; and led educational workshops to identify industry best practices, gather inputs from diverse stakeholders to inform the brand’s social strategy, and ultimately, help transform Fiber into a social brand that drives business and builds community.