Erica Lee Schlaikjer

United Fray



After six years in operation, United Social Sports was at an inflection point. It was evolving from the “D.C. area's premier sports league and social club” to a purpose-driven lifestyle brand, known as United Fray. My brand consultancy, Benevolent Media, was tasked with developing a new brand vision and direction, marketing strategies and creative concepts to help the startup clearly re-define itself, starting with the D.C. marketplace.

The objectives of the new brand and marketing strategy were to attract new customers, business partners and talent, as well as set standards for operational performance.

My Role

I collaborated with art director and designer Greg Fisk to develop guidelines and creative assets to bring the new brand positioning to life, in service of a new mission: “Make Fun Possible.”

Separately, I also helped the CEO Robert Kinsler codify United Fray’s social impact vision. I developed a framework to align the company’s social and environmental activities with its business purpose and values. I also generated creative thought-starters for social impact activities that can scale with the company over time, including external partnerships, internal initiatives, and multimedia content.