Erica Lee Schlaikjer
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Project overview

More than 15 creators, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and performers brought Audi #paidmydues posts to life on May 7, 2014 live in Santa Monica, Calif. over a six-hour span. The campaign promoted the uncompromised spirit of the all-new Audi A3 by recognizing people in real-time for their willingness to “pay their dues” to attain success.


I was part of the creative team at Huge that conceptualized and delivered the entire campaign—from the messaging strategy to the live-streamed event. We worked with designers to create the campaign website, curated the list of participating artists and influencers, directed the overall content and programming for the live show, and produced video interviews, documentary-style short films and social media content to engage the Audi community online.

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